Welcome to Integrative Kidney Specialists. As a proud member of the Nashville community, we bring with us the expertise of many years of nephrology practice and a true dedication to providing new and innovative ways of treatment. With each patient, we take an integrative approach to clinical medicine by incorporating other disease systems, to offer a holistic approach to patient care.

This site serves as a unified source of patient information. Here you will find general information about the role of a nephrologist, common questions and answers to help calm fears and educate patients and an outline of our role with other specialties in the medical community.

As we continually expand and develop our services, we not only have new programs on the horizon but also new and innovative ways to look after patients. We carefully tailor our approach, something that is currently not a standard for Nephrology. This individualized methodology includes the expansion of our telemedicine service to provide technician support at home, allowing us to increase the utility of home dialysis services.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Integrative Kidney Specialists to provide the best in kidney care and to comprehensively manage those with compromised kidney conditions. Our unique approach to being a caring and dedicated team is the direct result of an endless pursuit of finding the newest innovations in our field. We work closely with the physicians and medical staff to ensure a collaborative effort and seamless treatment. Ultimately, we are founded in going above and beyond so that we are continually providing the best patient care available.

Our Vision

Our vision at Integrative Kidney Specialists is to be the source of kidney care innovations and model for comprehensive patient care.

Our Partners

Integrative Kidney Specialists is a proud partner of the Sandering Renal Service team. By being part of a smaller flexible team, we are able to provide a dynamic and personalized service to each and every patient. We have a vast network of resources and intimate knowledge of the horizon of kidney innovations.

“Sanderling is focused on bringing high quality dialysis and nephrology services to rural communities and home dialysis patients. Many patients who live in rural communities lack convenient access to a dialysis clinic or a nephrologist (kidney specialist). Sanderling uses Advanced Telemedicine™ to bring the nephrologist to rural communities, allowing our patients to access high quality specialized care for renal problems and dialysis closer to home. Traveling three times a week over rural roads to a dialysis clinic that is far away from home is a huge burden on a dialysis patient and his or her family. Sanderling helps reduce that burden by developing dialysis and chronic kidney disease clinics in the heart of rural America. Sanderling establishes a close working relationship with the local hospital and primary care providers to improve the continuity of care for patients who require dialysis.”

Our Doctors

John Havill, MD

Dr Havill answered the call to pursue a career in clinical medicine as a teen, taking up training in London at St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Hospital. Having excelled at sciences, mathematics and biology in his younger years, medicine was an excellent fit. He was inspired by the classics, like Hippocrates and Galen. More recent authors have captivated him as well such as Arthur Fleming and William Harvey and some of the new pioneers of clinical medicine, like Joseph Murray who performed the first kidney transplant. He moved to the US to fulfil his Residency in adult Internal Medicine at St. Vincent Hospital in New York City. He later moved onto Johns Hopkins Hospital for his Nephrology Fellowship. Following Specialist training in Nephrology he took his first position in Las Vegas, and years later moved to Colorado Springs to join an established practice. Most recently, Dr Havill joined forces with Sanderling Renal Services in Nashville to create Integrative Kidney Specialists thus bringing an innovative and fresh approach to kidney care.


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